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October Video Address Text

“Hi, I’m Robert Hurt.

“Thank you for tuning in to our monthly video address as we provide our October update.

“Over the past two years, I have spent as much time as possible traveling around the 5th District in order to listen to you so that I can serve you better – and this past month has been no exception. Throughout the past few weeks, we have visited all across the district, meeting with farmers, manufacturers, and small business owners.

“We began the month with a farm tour that spanned from Southside to Greene County.  Traveling over 1,400 miles across the district, we met with local farmers in Mecklenburg, Prince Edward, Cumberland, Appomattox, Lynchburg, Buckingham, Nelson, Greene, Charlottesville, Fluvanna, Pittsylvania, Franklin, Martinsville, Henry, and Halifax. 

“Not only did this give me the opportunity to thank our farmers for recognizing me with the Friend of Farmer award, but it also allowed me to hear how policies put forth in Washington affect their businesses. From regulatory over-reach to high fuel prices, it is clear that the policies of the past 4 years are limiting our farmers’ ability to grow and create the jobs our communities need – and that is why I continue to fight for policies that will reduce their burdens.

“Our farmers are not the only ones affected by Washington’s failed policies –  after our farm tour, we traveled to visit small businesses and 5th District manufacturers.  I was proud to meet with all of our small business owners and manufacturers, and was especially proud to be recognized by manufacturers across our district for supporting policies that will help encourage the prosperity of Virginia’s manufacturing industry. I was also honored to be recognized by the National Federation of Independent Business as being a guardian of small business. Our small businesses and manufacturers alike are struggling in this stalled economy and it has been my intention to do all that we can in Washington to make it easier for them to grow and create the jobs we need.

“As the House of Representatives continues to work toward creating a better environment for our local businesses, I remain committed to advancing policies on behalf of our manufacturers, our farmers, and our Main Street businesses, that will rein in the size and scope of the federal government, reduce the job-crushing uncertainty, keep taxes low, and restore the path to prosperity for 5th District Virginians and all Americans.

“Finally, this month, we have all been saddened to learn of the destruction that has affected our neighbors, family, and friends across Virginia and the country in the form of Hurricane Sandy. Our thoughts and prayers are with all who were in its path. Should you need federal assistance, storm updates, or emergency preparedness information, please visit our website at

“As we begin our recovery efforts, please tune in to local television and radio to stay informed on the latest storm news;  help those neighbors and friends who may need assistance; and most important, please stay safe.

“Again, thank you for tuning in to our monthly video address. If you would like more frequent updates, you may sign up for our e-newsletter at”