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As we continue to learn of more negative impacts of the President’s health care law, and in light of the recent IRS scandal and disturbing abuse of power, Robert cosponsored Congressman Randy Forbes’ (R-VA) bill – the Prevent IRS Overreach Act. At a time when the IRS has proven its incapability of carrying out its most basic duties, this legislation would prohibit the IRS from hiring personnel for the purpose of implementing the President’s health care law. The last thing that the American people need is an IRS with even more power to implement the broken health care law. While many Americans were previously wary of allowing the IRS to levy the health care law’s additional taxes and mandates on our hardworking families and small businesses, that fear is now amplified with the IRS admission that it targeted political opponents and limited free speech . Now more than ever we must ensure that Americans’ health care decisions are not subjected to future abuses of taxpayer trust by the federal government. If you wish to be a citizen cosponsor, please sign your name below in the comments section and also share your thoughts on this legislation.

The Prevent IRS Overreach Act

• Part of the Affordable Care Act calls for the IRS to hire people charged with implementing President Barack Obama's health care law.

• The Prevent IRS Overreach Act would stop those hires as well as prevents transferring people within the agency to fill those positions.

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    07/16/2013 06:02 PM

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  • Anthony Thompson

    05/24/2013 02:46 PM

    This is a great first step. As a second step we need to move toward dissolving the IRS. There no reason to have this monster sucking up our tax money. If we enacted a flat or even a fair tax we could cut this IRS cancer from our body.

    Anthony Thompson
    Charlottesville, VA

  • William R. Snead, jr.

    05/22/2013 10:26 PM

    What we are witnessing now is one of the greatest examples of executive power over reach in modern history. The IRS scandal is extremely serious when we see the IRS possibly taking over the administration of our personal health care services. Just imagine a conservative, tea party advocate that needs a doctor for something serious. Also, a conservative business owner with 50 employees. How will his company be treated as far as IRS problems or health care insurance problems are concerned. The IRS will be in control of 2 major parts of our lives.

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