Balanced Budget Amendment:

Our national debt is higher than any time in American history, and is larger than the size of our entire economy.  As this reckless spending habit continues, we are passing the bill to our children and grandchildren. We must act now to put an end to Washington’s out of control spending.

Preserving Rural Resources Act:

Our farmers and small businesses in Virginia's 5th District are negatively impacted by federal regulations that continue to prevent them from hiring and expanding. It's time that the federal government is removed as a roadblock to job creation so that our family farmers and small businesses can get back to doing what they do best: creating jobs.

House Passed Jobs Bills:

Since January 2011, the House has worked to find common ground to pass legislation in the best interest of the 5th District. In the past year, we have passed over 30 bipartisan bills that would help rein in reckless spending and remove the federal government as a barrier to job creation by easing regulatory burdens on small business owners, creating an environment for innovation and expansion, paving the way to maximize energy production here at home, and tackling our over 17 trillion dollar debt while keeping taxes low.

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